Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite with Park Bark & Fly!

Park Bark and Fly, Orlando’s top Off-Site Airport Parking Facility has partnered with Sleep Tight K-9, Inc. to offer a free Bed Bug inspection of your bags to Park Bark & Fly customers. Bed Bugs seem to arise from nowhere and are efficient hitchhikers. Bed Bugs spread and do not depend on filth to infest. Even the most pristine hotel can have a Bed Bug infestation. Did Bed Bugs hitch a ride in your bags?? WE CAN HELP!

Sleep Tight K-9, Inc. is a certified Bed Bug K-9 inspection specialist for your luggage and hand bags. This service is currently only being offered at Park Bark and Fly! This service is of no charge to Park Bark and Fly customers. Don’t carry Bed Bugs home!! If Bed Bugs infest your home it will cost thousands of dollars to eliminate them and even after intense treatment-they may still be there! Don’t take that risk. Stop by Park Bark and Fly on your way home!! It only takes a few minutes to inspect. Thank you for your patronage. Sleep tight and don’t let the Bed Bugs bite!