Orlando Airport Parking

Park Bark and Fly provides off-site Orlando Airport Parking spaces for all travelers. If you are taking your flight out of Orlando International Airport, you do not have to worry about where to park your car. Park Bark and Fly has over 3,500 parking spaces for travelers, which are located 1.4 miles away from the airport. Many parking companies promise travelers reliable parking services. However, they require all travelers to assemble at a given station and time. The company will then pick and drop the travelers at the airport. This is often an inconvenience to many travelers because of different flight schedules and traveling needs. Whenever you book a flight and need Orlando Airport Parking services, contact Park Bark and Fly. Here are the reasons why you should consider their services:

1. Convenient and reliable services
Park Bark and Fly has well lit parking spaces near the airport. The company has reliable shuttles that operate 24/7 every day of the year. The shuttle picks you from your parking lot and drops you at the check-in point at the airport. The shuttles will be available when you arrive from your destination to pick and drop you back to your car. With 3,500 parking spaces, you cannot miss a parking lot on any day. You will get assistance with your luggage as well. All you need to do is show up at the parking lot and board the shuttle. Their staff will load and offload all your luggage safely.

2. Affordable rates
Parking companies take advantage of travelers who need Orlando Airport Parking services. They know that travelers need a place to park their cars safely and hence charge high parking fees. Park Bark and Fly charges reasonable fees for their parking spaces. Their uncovered parking rates are $6.99 per day while covered rates are $8.99 per day. These charges are inclusive of taxes and fees. If you park at the airport, you will be charged $10 and $17 as uncovered and covered parking rates respectively. You save money by using Park Bark and Fly services especially when going on a long trip. You can use the extra cash on your trip.

3. Discounts on corporate parking
If your business require that you or your employees travel a lot in a year, you can take advantage of discounted rates for corporate parking. Park Bark and Fly offers a 10% discount on all affiliated companies. All you need to do is register your company or business with the firm. Anyone who bears your company’s badge will enjoy discounted Orlando Airport Parking services. If your business is located in Florida, you need to take advantage of this discounted rate. You and your staff members are likely to take their local and international flights at Orlando International Airport.

4. Additional services
You have booked your flight, paid for your parking space, and have people to assist you with your luggage. What do you do about your pet? If you live alone or are traveling as a family, you need to make arrangements for your pet(s) as well. Park Bark and Fly recognizes this need and has affiliated pet boarding facilities that can take care of your pet. You enjoy one free day of parking when you use the pet boarding facilities. In addition, the company offer car detailing services and outside storage for boats, equipment and trailers among other things.

Park Bark and Fly offers all the parking and storage services you may need when traveling out of Florida. Consider their services when taking your next holiday or business trip.

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